I recently shared with you my plans to start an online digital marketing course and with the help of my employer I have selected the Google Squared Online virtual learning course. Squared Online is a digital marketing leadership course with an emphasis on Google technologies. It is not developed or offered by Google but developed with Google and delivered through Squared Online’s team of industry experts. The third party here is Avado who are responsible for instructional design and online delivery. In a nutshell, here’s the flow of responsibilities: Google: SME, Content, Curriculum Avado: Instructional and content design Squared Online: Delivery If you are interested in learning other digital technologies, I suggest you go back to my post on the[…]

Digital marketing is not the future. It is the now. If you want to stay relevant, you will need to have strategic digital marketing experience under your belt. This is not an option. Digital has proven to be the most significant disruptor to marketing since Sigmund Freud explained that infatuation with apples is limited to breast-fed Caucasians. Just kidding, I don’t think he said that but he could have. Anyways, I have been doing my research to identify what the best online digital marketing courses are out there. Ultimately, I plan to choose one of them and I promise to take you on my journey to digital marketing mastery! The following is a list of the top online digital marketing courses[…]

What is Digital Trade Marketing? It’s alright if this term throws you back for a moment. Digital seems to be the new business buzz word. Now that we are done with adding an “e-” before everything and are almost nostalgic for a time when an “i-” was the in-prefix. Just as our phones got bigger so have our prefixes. But, I assure you “Digital Trade Marketing” is not one of those come and go trends. For retailers, digital trade marketing is a lifeline before they are swallowed up by the Amazon’s of the world into a shameful demise of “shop-in-shop.” Retailers who want to survive the Amazon web tsunami will have to get their act together in the digital ecosystem and we aren’t just[…]

The Future of Trade Marketing I came across this great article written two years ago about the future of trade marketing. I reckon the future is now because most of this is already being implemented across many segments and industries. The author focuses on two key areas that are driving the future of trade marketing: tailor made portfolios customer-centric services Customer-centric services and co-branding are very interesting areas when it comes to trade marketing. The author explains your need for your brand to stand out and then goes on to discuss the trade’s need for their shop to stand out against competition. Brands that help the trade build their own brands through a portfolio of customer-centric services will build loyalty with[…]

Many of us know what O2O (online to offline) is; basically converting your customer from an online purchase to an offline service. But what exactly is offline to online? It happens everyday. Heck you probably experienced it yourself the last time you were at a store. Did you see something you liked? Something you haven’t researched before? Did you look it up online to check prices? Check reviews? That is an offline to online consumer experience. Some retailers are already installing quick online price comparisons at their b and m sites. Maybe to ensure you don’t stay to far from the conversion funnel. Remember, these shops don’t want to end up being showrooms and you later make your purchase online. No,[…]