Top Trade Marketing Resources This week I decided to start my list of top trade marketing resources I revert to when in need of inspiration. The list is in no special order and I will continue to update them with top trade marketing resources as I find more interesting resources. Please drop in any resources you use in the comments section. Top Trade Marketing Resource #1 him International Him! International is a great resource for Shopper insights and merchandising ideas. I follow their newsletter that I believe is sent on a monthly basis. I suggest you sign up. Top Trade Marketing Resource #2 PointSmith PointSmith is a great shopper marketing agency that has it’s own factory for producing your merchandising material. I[…]

The Future of Trade Marketing I came across this great article written two years ago about the future of trade marketing. I reckon the future is now because most of this is already being implemented across many segments and industries. The author focuses on two key areas that are driving the future of trade marketing: tailor made portfolios customer-centric services Customer-centric services and co-branding are very interesting areas when it comes to trade marketing. The author explains your need for your brand to stand out and then goes on to discuss the trade’s need for their shop to stand out against competition. Brands that help the trade build their own brands through a portfolio of customer-centric services will build loyalty with[…]

Many of us know what O2O (online to offline) is; basically converting your customer from an online purchase to an offline service. But what exactly is offline to online? It happens everyday. Heck you probably experienced it yourself the last time you were at a store. Did you see something you liked? Something you haven’t researched before? Did you look it up online to check prices? Check reviews? That is an offline to online consumer experience. Some retailers are already installing quick online price comparisons at their b and m sites. Maybe to ensure you don’t stay to far from the conversion funnel. Remember, these shops don’t want to end up being showrooms and you later make your purchase online. No,[…]

Trade marketing operations are the engine that will drive your strategy and plan. It is the essence of trade marketing and why trade marketing is sometimes considered operational marketing or even sales support.  The on the ground, pragmatic nature is why sales loves trade marketing and the programs delivered are considered to be much more concrete than that of say a brand marketer. However, trade marketing can be as broad or limiting as you need it to be. This will vary from one organisation to the other. Here I take the broader sense of the term and cover both distributor marketing and trade marketing under the same scope. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the trade marketer to deliver distributor[…]

To be able to create a trade marketing strategy, you first need to understand: 1. Where you want to sell? 2. Who it is you are selling through? 3. What you are going to sell? Where do you want to sell your products? As a trade marketer the options are plentiful. Will you be selling in all locations, urban and rural for example. How about the type of shops you want to focus on? Will you segment them by location, by value or by sector? Many options but one thing you can be sure of – the only way to make a good decision is with the help of a market census. A market census is the study of relevant[…]

Managing trade marketing covers both strategic and operational activities. The diagram below provides the fundamentals of trade marketing. Beneath the diagram are two posts that introduce each component of trade marketing management and the supporting elements. Trade marketing management are the strategies and programs that drive demand across the channel to want to sell your product and to find value in selling your product over the competition’s product. This is complementary to the brand marketers strategy of creating demand on the consumers side for the product. Continue to Trade Marketing Strategy and Trade Marketing Operations to learn more.  Does this make sense to you? What other components are important to strategy and operations? Leave a note below.