Trade Marketing Manager Job Description

Trade Marketing Job Description

Trade Marketing Manager Job Description Trade marketing varies in scope from one company to another. Here, I have tried to create a universal trade marketing manager job description that can be used across multiple categories. You will find that this… Continue Reading


Top Trade Marketing Resources

Top Trade Marketing Resources This week I decided to start my list of top trade marketing resources I revert to when in need of inspiration. The list is in no special order and I will continue to update them with top… Continue Reading


Trade Marketing Professionals, Join us on Linkedin!

Calling all Trade Marketing Professionals Come join the discussion with trade marketing professionals in the trade marketing industry on Linkedin here: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13506751  


Red Bull Trade Marketing

The following is examples from different companies on how they describe the role of a Trade Marketer. Please add your company’s job description in the comments field and I will add it here. Red Bull Trade Marketing Manager: TRADE MARKETING… Continue Reading


Heineken Star Serve Program: Great way of keeping Trade Influencers Engaged

The Heineken Star Serve program is designed to ensure trade influencers, or in their case, bartenders are pouring Heineken. Bartenders are a tough crowd to please with multiple types of beer at their fingertips and a customer, that in some… Continue Reading


The Masters of Merchandising: Red Bull (Video)

This is a great training video from the masters of merchandising, Red Bull. Highly recommended. Let me know what you think. https://vimeo.com/113622837


10 Steps to Trade Marketing Planning

The guys at Toolboxtm.com.br put together this great post about TM planning. Below is a short excerpt and be sure the follow the link at the end of this page.   “A guide to success in your “budgeting” for the… Continue Reading


Trade Marketing Tools

We are still building the toolbox. We have a long list of tools in development and are looking for your feedback to learn more about what you need. Here’s a list of what’s currently in development: Trade Marketing Strategy Template… Continue Reading