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HACK YOUR WAY TO A FORTUNE 500 JOB Every year thousands of marketing graduates compete to get into one of the top marketing companies. Yes, opportunities are scarce but that doesn’t mean there’s no hope. By the end of this post you will learn the secret to landing an interview at a top marketing company. You will need to follow these three steps: PREPARE YOUR TOOLS AIM FOR A-LIST COMPANIES HACK YOUR WAY IN 1. PREPARE YOUR TOOLS You need to make sure you have the basics right but you also want to stand out. Here’s a few tips to get you started: Prepare your resume. I won’t explain that since there over 1 billion search results for writing a resume Build your Linkedin profile: linkedin.com[…]

What is Digital Trade Marketing? It’s alright if this term throws you back for a moment. Digital seems to be the new business buzz word. Now that we are done with adding an “e-” before everything and are almost nostalgic for a time when an “i-” was the in-prefix. Just as our phones got bigger so have our prefixes. But, I assure you “Digital Trade Marketing” is not one of those come and go trends. For retailers, digital trade marketing is a lifeline before they are swallowed up by the Amazon’s of the world into a shameful demise of “shop-in-shop.” Retailers who want to survive the Amazon web tsunami will have to get their act together in the digital ecosystem and we aren’t just[…]

Trade Marketing Job Description

Trade Marketing Manager Job Description Trade marketing varies in scope from one company to another. Here, I have tried to create a universal trade marketing manager job description that can be used across multiple categories. You will find that this job description manages to find the sweet spot between channel and shopper marketing leading to a concise yet comprehensive trade marketing manager job description. This role generally would support that of the brand manager, the channel marketing manager and consumer marketing manager. Overview: The trade marketing manager is responsible for translating the overall brand strategy across the channel and specifically at the point of sale. The trade marketing manager is responsible for creating demand for the product across the channel,[…]

The Future of Trade Marketing I came across this great article written two years ago about the future of trade marketing. I reckon the future is now because most of this is already being implemented across many segments and industries. The author focuses on two key areas that are driving the future of trade marketing: tailor made portfolios customer-centric services Customer-centric services and co-branding are very interesting areas when it comes to trade marketing. The author explains your need for your brand to stand out and then goes on to discuss the trade’s need for their shop to stand out against competition. Brands that help the trade build their own brands through a portfolio of customer-centric services will build loyalty with[…]

Depending on consumer involvement with the selection of your product dictates where your emphasis should be and how. You will need to do both in any case but what you do and how is a direct result of how involved the consumer is in the decision making process. Let’s take two examples to demonstrate: shampoo vs. home paints. Shampoo Shampoo is a highly involved product. Consumers generally have a clear opinion on what product they want. Women in particular would be difficult to sway through a shop attendant. Their choice is dependent on a deep rooted preference and is a regular purchase so I habit, relationship and loyalty with the product has been developed. Consumer marketing would be the key[…]

Watch this short video explaining the relevance of trade marketing in today’s competitive environment. L’Oreal goes to explain why trade marketing is important in the brand building process and what role retail has in building a manufacturers brand. It brings the case for trade marketing from a different angle of competition with private label offerings. Watch this video and let me know what you think.