To be able to create a trade marketing strategy, you first need to understand: 1. Where you want to sell? 2. Who it is you are selling through? 3. What you are going to sell? Where do you want to sell your products? As a trade marketer the options are plentiful. Will you be selling in all locations, urban and rural for example. How about the type of shops you want to focus on? Will you segment them by location, by value or by sector? Many options but one thing you can be sure of – the only way to make a good decision is with the help of a market census. A market census is the study of relevant[…]

What is Trade Marketing? Many definitions exist on the Internet about trade marketing. Don’t confuse it with trade show marketing or marketing trade agreements. Trade marketing is the basic idea of marketing your products through the value chain and at the point of sale i.e. the store. Consider it the idea of creating a demand for your products across the channel and before it reaches the consumer. This traditionally exists in a brick and mortar environment and can be argued to be one of the oldest forms of marketing. Although trade marketing has lost its appeal to other forms of marketing such as digital marketing – it still continues to flourish everywhere hand to hand transactions are made. What is the trade[…]