Watch this short video explaining the relevance of trade marketing in today’s competitive environment. L’Oreal goes to explain why trade marketing is important in the brand building process and what role retail has in building a manufacturers brand. It brings the case for trade marketing from a different angle of competition with private label offerings. Watch this video and let me know what you think.

Trade marketers cannot and do not work in isolation. A good trade marketer will take note of the end to end marketing cycle. Below is a diagram of how this might look. There are a few concepts/players here that any trade marketer should be aware of and understand. Each of these components will impact the strategy pursued at different points of the trade marketing strategy. Below is a high level definition of each of these concepts/players across the end to end marketing cycle. Consumer Journey: This is the journey followed by the consumer from the moment they sense the need for the product through and until the have acquired and are actually using the product. Product Journey: This is the[…]