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The Future of Trade Marketing I came across this great article written two years ago about the future of trade marketing. I reckon the future is now because most of this is already being implemented across many segments and industries. The author focuses on two key areas that are driving the future of trade marketing: tailor made portfolios customer-centric services Customer-centric services and co-branding are very interesting areas when it comes to trade marketing. The author explains your need for your brand to stand out and then goes on to discuss the trade’s need for their shop to stand out against competition. Brands that help the trade build their own brands through a portfolio of customer-centric services will build loyalty with[…]

Many of us know what O2O (online to offline) is; basically converting your customer from an online purchase to an offline service. But what exactly is offline to online? It happens everyday. Heck you probably experienced it yourself the last time you were at a store. Did you see something you liked? Something you haven’t researched before? Did you look it up online to check prices? Check reviews? That is an offline to online consumer experience. Some retailers are already installing quick online price comparisons at their b and m sites. Maybe to ensure you don’t stay to far from the conversion funnel. Remember, these shops don’t want to end up being showrooms and you later make your purchase online. No,[…]

Depending on consumer involvement with the selection of your product dictates where your emphasis should be and how. You will need to do both in any case but what you do and how is a direct result of how involved the consumer is in the decision making process. Let’s take two examples to demonstrate: shampoo vs. home paints. Shampoo Shampoo is a highly involved product. Consumers generally have a clear opinion on what product they want. Women in particular would be difficult to sway through a shop attendant. Their choice is dependent on a deep rooted preference and is a regular purchase so I habit, relationship and loyalty with the product has been developed. Consumer marketing would be the key[…]

Watch this short video explaining the relevance of trade marketing in today’s competitive environment. L’Oreal goes to explain why trade marketing is important in the brand building process and what role retail has in building a manufacturers brand. It brings the case for trade marketing from a different angle of competition with private label offerings. Watch this video and let me know what you think.

The following is examples from different companies on how they describe the role of a Trade Marketer. Please add your company’s job description in the comments field and I will add it here. Red Bull Trade Marketing Manager: TRADE MARKETING KNOWLEDGE & CAPABILITY Develop trade marketing strategies, utilising trade and marketing experience to recommend best trade-led activities. Create and develop all channels of communication that contribute to the timely execution of Red Bull initiatives at internal, trade or shopper level. ALIGNMENT AND COORDINATION OF SALES AND MARKETING ACTIVITIES Through personal and electronic communication – educate, orientate and utilise the brand team to deliver through the line activity in store. Exchange ideas between Marketing and Sales departments proactively and challenge traditions.[…]

The Heineken Star Serve program is designed to ensure trade influencers, or in their case, bartenders are pouring Heineken. Bartenders are a tough crowd to please with multiple types of beer at their fingertips and a customer, that in some cases, wouldn’t no the difference if it was a lager or an ale. Heineken is keen on making sure that it’s beer is the choice beer poured more often and at the same time preserving its brand integrity. With the help of their London based agency, Iris Worldwide, and through their operations in Singapore, they have devised a plan that ensures their beer is served and poured to their customers, while maintaining their premium image. The Star Serve program consists of multiple activities that[…]