Top Trade Marketing Resources This week I decided to start my list of top trade marketing resources I revert to when in need of inspiration. The list is in no special order and I will continue to update them with top trade marketing resources as I find more interesting resources. Please drop in any resources you use in the comments section. Top Trade Marketing Resource #1 him International Him! International is a great resource for Shopper insights and merchandising ideas. I follow their newsletter that I believe is sent on a monthly basis. I suggest you sign up. Top Trade Marketing Resource #2 PointSmith PointSmith is a great shopper marketing agency that has it’s own factory for producing your merchandising material. I[…]

We are still building the toolbox. We have a long list of tools in development and are looking for your feedback to learn more about what you need. Here’s a list of what’s currently in development: Trade Marketing Strategy Template Trade Marketing Planning Template Trade Marketing Investment Review Template Trade Marketing Checklist Trade Marketing Job Description and more. Leave a note below with any tools you want to help you with your trade marketing activities.