The Future of Trade Marketing

The Future of Trade Marketing

I came across this great article written two years ago about the future of trade marketing.

I reckon the future is now because most of this is already being implemented across many segments and industries. The author focuses on two key areas that are driving the future of trade marketing:

  • tailor made portfolios
  • customer-centric services

Customer-centric services and co-branding are very interesting areas when it comes to trade marketing. The author explains your need for your brand to stand out and then goes on to discuss the trade’s need for their shop to stand out against competition. Brands that help the trade build their own brands through a portfolio of customer-centric services will build loyalty with the trade and in turn more recommendation, shelf space and ultimately sales.

That means you as a trade marketer will need to start understanding the needs of your trade customers and not only your consumers. This will require market research and a true understanding of their underlying needs and challenges. Using this information you will be able to develop the customer-centric services that will build the trade loyalty you are looking for.

Read more below and let me know what you think. Also, don’t miss this story about digital trade marketing, just go to the Google Think and click the link there.

The present and potential future of Trade Marketing

Sameh Saeb

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