Trade Influencer or Consumer Marketing?

trade_marketing_icon2Depending on consumer involvement with the selection of your product dictates where your emphasis should be and how. You will need to do both in any case but what you do and how is a direct result of how involved the consumer is in the decision making process. Let’s take two examples to demonstrate: shampoo vs. home paints.


Shampoo is a highly involved product. Consumers generally have a clear opinion on what product they want. Women in particular would be difficult to sway through a shop attendant. Their choice is dependent on a deep rooted preference and is a regular purchase so I habit, relationship and loyalty with the product has been developed. Consumer marketing would be the key driver for this preference and loyalty to develop.

Home Paints

On the other hand home paint is an irregular purchase. If I were to ask you to name three different kinds of paint, you would struggle. Thus, you may have a superficial preference for a brand but not deep rooted in a rigid belief. In this case you are less likely to be involved in the purchase. You are more likely to request the help of a shop attendant. In this case you are more likely to focus on marketing to trade influencers since they are the ultimate decision maker.

Can you think of other products that would require more emphasis on trade influencer marketing over consumer marketing?

Sameh Saeb

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